Daan Smith 

Lived, laughed and loved with us from 26 December 1948 to 25th November 2021

Daan will be dearly missed by many including his family, surviving brothers and sisters; Hardy, Ouna, Tokkels and Philip.  Daan is also survived by Elsabe, his loving wife of 46 years, a son, daughter, two granddaughters and many nephews and nieces.

Daan was a leader who rose to the highest levels of industry at DeBeers and provided for his family and so many more.  He was a reader who spent hours with his nose buried in a book.  Daan took social responsibility seriously and until recently volunteered and ran the local neighbourhood watch group bringing his years of experience to making his local communities safer.

He was a hero to his family and someone who never feared doing the right thing, sometimes at great cost to himself.

Daan lived for his family, reveled in life and touched a great many people with his generosity, positive attitude and sense of humour. Daan will live on in our memories and we will miss him and his jokes greatly.

If you have any words or photos for, or of Daan, send them over. Please do raise a toast to Daan’s life, he would like that. Single malt preferably.

My father was full of good advice, funny stories and philosophical insights.  One of my many favourite Daanism's, when sitting with a whisky watching the sunset "Nou verlang ek na mense wat ek nog nie ken nie", english "now I miss people I haven't even met yet."

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